Vehicle Locator Service

Sick and tired of browsing the internet, newspaper, and magazines, going from place to place, trying to find what you're looking for?

At Thrifty Car Sale, we strive to minimize your headache and do the search for you. 
Whether it's that special dream car that has to be just right, or the perfect car to fit your lifestyle and don't know where to look.

With the Thrifty Car Sale Group buying power, and1,000s of vehicle across Canada and US.  Rest assure, we can find what you need. 

US, Canada? Thrifty Car Sale can LOCATE FOR YOU! 

What is our Vehicle Locator Service?

It's simple: you tell us what you want to drive.  We find it for you.  You can provide as many or as few specifications as you'd like:
  • Year, Make, Model
  • Trim Level
  • Color
  • Options
  • Mileage
Then let us do the work! Before you know it, we'll have your next vehicle readt: safetied, emissions-tested, fully detailed and ready to go, flying the Thrifty Certified flag.

We have Access to literally tens of thousands 
of vehicles each week at wholesale auctions 
across Canada and the US.

  • Vehicles are Clean, low-mileage lease returns or off-rentals with up-to-date maintenance
  • Remaining factory warranty is fully transferable to you
  • All vehicles are inspected at auction to ensure they are damage-free
  • Transportation and auction fees are included in the price. 
What are the Advantages?

There are several advantages to finding your next vehicle through our Vehicle Locator Service"
  • We can usually find exactly what you're looking for, right down to the specified colors and options
  • We can almost always offer you a great deal. 
  • We take all the leg-work out of searching for a pre-owned vehicle.  With phone and e-mail, there's no need to drive around lot-to-lot.  One call and we do the search for you.

How does the process work?

1. Once we established what you want, we'll give you a guaranteed price quote.  Once the vehicle is sourced and agreed upon.  A deposit applicable to the sale price of the vehicle is taken.   If we're unable to find your vehicle within your budget, your deposit is returned in full.  So no risk to you whatsoever.

 2. After acquiring the vehicle, we transport it to our facilities for mechanical inspection, Thrifty, safety, and emissions certification.  Any additional paperwork involved (for US Imported vehicles) to be completed. Let us worry about all that.

3.   When the vehicle proudly flies the Thrifty Certification flag.  You can come and pick up your vehicle.  No stress, no hassle for you.

4.  ENJOY YOUR NEW RIDE! We guarantee you'll love it!

Thrifty Certification

At Thrifty Car Sales, we're as selective about the vehicles we offer as our customers are.  That's why every Thrifty Certified vehicle must pass an extensive systemative 144 pt inspection before it can fly the Thrifty Certification flag.  We back that with a 3 month, 5,000 km warranty.  From the odometer to the engine black, our Thrifty Certified inspection ensures a vehicle quality that can't be beat. 

For more Information, please contact Gary at 519 472 9900 or e-mail